Building Project


Located in the Waldorf community of Southern Maryland and Pastored by Rev. Antione J. Hutchins Sr., Christian Unity Baptist Church has become one of Charles County’s most rapidly growing churches. Our worship services are CUBC 3seeing attendance spanning to the  overflow areas, along with various ministries, community service, youth activities and multiple projects.

As God has bestowed favor on us, we have outgrown our current location and now stand ready to occupy the 31 acres of land that God allowed the church to obtain in order to build a community legacy for future generations.  Our vision is to break ground for our new facility in the year 2017, worshipping and praising God while serving our community and abroad.

We invite you to come and worship with us; we certainly understand that you may not be able to physically attend, but would like to be a part of this mighty move of God. We praise God that he has placed it in your heart to partner with us as we follow God’s hand into our destiny of building a community legacy for future generations.