Christian Unity Baptist Church, formerly known as Gethsemane Baptist church, was incorporated in June of 1982 and the name was officially changed to Christian Unity Baptist Church in 1986. Christian Unity had its humble beginnings at the home of Ms. Elliott in Waldorf, Maryland, under the leadership of Rev. William Kilson with 11 members. At this time church services and bible study were rendered by various ministers invited by the Potomac Baptist Association.

 In April 1987, the membership elected Rev. James Green to serve as Pastor of the newly relocated church. Christian Unity Baptist Church (C.U.B.C.) relocated to D.J. Dance Studio on Post Office Road, in Waldorf, MD. During Rev. Greens’ leadership, an in-depth and informative bible study class was instituted. In 1989, C.U.B.C. again experienced a transition in leadership and returned to having services led by visiting ministers at the Meditation Room in Walls Bakery on Route 301 in Waldorf.

In 1990, Rev. Clayton T. Butler was elected Pastor of C.U.B.C. and Rev. Vernon Clark served as his Associate Minister. Relocation was again necessary. The church then moved to Jay Gould Court in Waldorf, MD. Consequently, through Sunday school membership increased and the youth, bus, and women’s ministries were added. During this time frame, C.U.B.C. began its community outreach program by periodically preparing dinner for the residents of the Regional Women’s Shelter in Hughesville, MD. After 7 years of dedicated service, Rev. Butler resigned as Pastor.

Rev. Dr. Kerry Thomas, Sr. was elected as Pastor in 1998 and Rev. Dr. Harrell Alexander fulfilled the position of his Associate Minister until his passing in September of 1999.  Rev. Michael Campbell became the new Associate Minister. Under the leadership of Pastor Thomas and Minister Campbell, C.U.B.C. relocated to a single unit on 11822 Park Waldorf Lane. Shortly after relocation in 1999, Rev. Thomas resigned as Pastor and Rev. Campbell continued to minister to the congregation during this period of transition.

In October 2000, Rev. Rodney J. Blackmon was installed as the Pastor of C.U.B.C. Under his leadership, an average of 45 new members joined each year during 2001 and 2002. In 2003, the church found it necessary to add its first Assistant Pastor, Rev. Brye McMillon, Sr., who served until he received a military transfer.  Rev. Angelo Ellison was then elected to fulfill the position of Assistant Pastor. During the Blackmon/McMillon pastorate, expansion to a larger facility was a necessity and the church acquired four units at Park Waldorf Lane.

October 2003, was an exceptional year for Christian Unity as God blessed the church with a 31 acre tract of land on Marshall Corner Road, in Waldorf, MD. Christian Unity continued to thrive under the leadership of Rev. Blackmon until his resignation in August 2009. As expected, the daily attendance dwindled due to the uncertainty of the state of the church.

On September 1, 2009, Rev. Antione J. Hutchins Sr., was elected as the Senior Pastor of the C.U.B.C. In just over 6 years under his leadership, the church has grown from 39 members on role (with 12 to 20 people in average attendance) to nearly 750 active members, causing a need to implement a second and third Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Ever focused on the needs of the congregation, Pastor Hutchins along with the C.U.B.C. family have implemented several ministries: Single’s Ministry (S.A.L.T.), Winning Souls to Christ Motorcycle Ministry (WSCMM), Men’s Ministry, Glorious Ladies of Worship (G.L.O.W), Greeter Ministry, Culinary Ministry, Dance Ministry, Pastor’s Aid, Senior’s Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Security Ministry, College Ministry, Couples Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and the list continues, in order to meet the needs of the expanded membership.

As an adjustment to the rapid growth, Christian Unity had to acquire additional space at Park Waldorf Lane, with three renovation projects to the current facility within the first 3 years of Pastor Hutchins’ tenure. Part of the renovation was that of the youth/multi-purpose facility known as The Unity Center. The Unity Center serves as the hub for the U.N.I.T.E.D. Youth Ministry’s Youth Church. In addition, it houses the newest initiative under the leadership of Pastor Hutchins, the establishment of a CDC called The Unity Corporation (T.U.C.). T.U.C. is a Non-profit Community Development Corporation that is geared towards the preservation of the history and legacy left by previous generations, along with the equipping and empowering the youth of today’s generation.

In the latter of 2010, the first of three site plan developments was initiated for the culminating construction of a 600 seat sanctuary and multi-purpose facility that will serve as the first edifice that Christian Unity can humbly call their own. C.U.B.C. is now in their new construction project on the already purchased 31 acre parcel of land, in order to begin the progress of their completed campus. The new facility will be the first of many and will serve as a community legacy for future generations.